Triple Success at Zandvoort


Last weekend’s racing saw success for Team Project Le Mans! 696 towing miles and 14 hours 35 mins travelling time later, the team came home with two first places trophies and a fastest lap! The Holland based circuit hosted BRSCC’s Eurofest which included Caterhams, Golf GTI’s and Sports 2000 which look like Group 6 Le Mans prototypes! The Porsche Championship completed the crowd pleasing package with a mixed grid of Porsche 924’s and Boxsters.
After winning Race 1 and Race 2, Rebecca was interviewed twice for Motors TV with questions about Project Le Mans, the racing and support from companies who have made the decision to be part of the journey.
Race 3 saw a 2nd place finish and fastest lap – the best time in class for the entire weekend. Needless to say the team left with huge grins on their faces – all the way down to Calais, on the Euro Tunnel train and back to Berkshire!
A special thank you to Stena Line who managed to save the paddock in the region of £20,000 in travel costs.
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