Cheap Couriers UK Title Sponsors!!

Cheap Couriers UK and Rebecca Racer have maintained their sponsorship relationship, which has now blossomed into title sponsorship! After several visits to watch Rebecca race; driving her BRSCC Boxster to victory, they decided that the exposure they were getting versus the investment was working for their business. Since working with Rebecca turnover and hits on the website have gone up as well as benefitting from the association with an exciting Motorsport pursuit.


Moving forward with their new title sponsorship, Cheap Couriers UK will have a more prominent presence with Project Le Mans and on Rebecca Racer’s car. One of the great things about working with the young company is that it is a family run business that really puts the customer first. It feels very personal when you deal with them, especially given that you can call company Director Wes on his mobile virtually any time of day. They organise pallets to ship engines from one end of the country to another – for less than £60! The rates they have negotiated are impressive anyway although if you are a regular sender, over 25 parcels a day, those rates are even more competitive. Those numbers should give you an idea that this is no small operation.


Rebecca is pleased to be working with such a friendly company and is thankful for the sponsorship. She is looking forward to providing even more exposure for the courier company, especially as her brand rockets with the new TV Show, I Want That Car being aired on ITV4 in the autumn.



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