Rocky Times at Rockingham

On the run up to the Rockingham race day, which took place on the 5th July hosted by the 750 Motor Club, new additions found their way on to the Turtle Porsche. BTB developed a more complete exhaust system and after a run on Reading based CFM Engineering’s Rolling Road, it was ready to be exploited with the new favourable power curve. To say the Rebecca Racer team members were excited would be an accurate assumption to make!

The weather was dry and intermittently wet so deciding on suspension set up and Michelin tyre choices was difficult. The team opted for a wet set up for qualifying due to looming black clouds and a damp paddock. However this sadly was not the correct decision. Rebecca went out to put in her fast laps and unfortunately it was not enough to place the car where the team was used to seeing it. She qualified 5th in class and some two thirds of the way down the grid. It was a disappointing result, however the Quinntech Racing boys managed to stay positive and helped Rebecca to see that in the race itself the performance would be different.

A change in set up and on dry tyres again; Rebecca got a tremendously good start from the grid, overtaking 5 cars away from the line and in to turn 1. With 3 more cars overtaken by the end of the first lap it seemed the usual level of competitiveness had returned. An exciting duel with a yellow Lotus Elise, car number 101, piloted by Antony Sharp saw Rebecca and him swap positions a couple of times jostling for P1. Rebecca managed to stay in front for 2 laps and unfortunately an unexpected loss of power in lap 4, when Rebecca was leading her class and 3rd in the field, resulted in the Turtle Porsche coming to almost a stand still on the circuit. Rebecca nursed it off to the sideline where she tried several times to restart it. Disappointingly it would not restart and the team suffered its first DNF (‘Did Not Finish’) in two seasons. It was towed back to the paddock and taken to Dorset based specialists JMG Porsche for diagnosis and repair.

Despite not finishing, laptimes were extremely good and a win would have been a feasible result for the team. Therefore, once the issues have been resolved, everyone will be looking forward to the next race on the 23rd August at Silverstone.

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