Rebecca named Michelin Inspirational Woman for the third year in a row

Rebecca has always been interested in helping people and using her influence and knowledge to inspire others. This is shown in her charity work and in her role of Michelin Inspirational Woman for the past two years.

Earlier this month, Rebecca attended a Michelin event where she’s was officially named as an inspirational woman for the third year in a row.

At the event, Rebecca, along with other inspirational women, spoke to more than 60 secondary school girls who were able to ask questions.

The school girls were able to spend ten minutes with each role model where they could ask questions about their chosen career path to better understand their success. This was a great opportunity for these young women to start thinking about their own careers with some support and guidance from role models across the region.

Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing more female racing drivers and motoring journalists in the years to come.

Rebecca said: “I feel exceptionally proud to be asked back for a third year running to talk to young school girls about their careers and education. It’s a great opportunity for those girls to be inspired by us ladies and I’m so pleased that we are in a position to inspire others in this way…I feel inspired myself just being with other inspirational women! We kind of feed off each other, which is great.”

This isn’t it for Rebecca as an Inspirational Woman, she will now be going into schools and meeting young people where she can further inspire them to start thinking seriously about their future careers. It’s not about encouraging people to take the same career path as Rebecca but instead about inspiring them to take their career into their own hands and really start thinking about what they want.

To find out more about the other fantastic women named by Michelin for this role, take a look at this article.

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