iZone Driver Performance and Simulators

Rebecca has been busy with road tests (including a long term test of the BMW 435i) and lots of filming. You may have noticed that updates on social media were a little scarce but normal service has now resumed and there’s so much we need to tell you.

Firstly, Rebecca has been working on driver development. Despite all the fun things she’s been doing, Project Le Mans is always at the forefront of her mind.

Rebecca is taking her training to the next level and that means getting in some simulator time. She’s been working closely with iZone Driver Performance and Simulators who are based out of Silverstone.

The Le Mans race simulator is giving Rebecca some real experience in these kind of endurance races in order to improve her personal performance. This is a key step in the four year plan to get Rebecca to the famous 24-hour endurance race.

The team at iZone have so much experience in simulator training and they’re certainly putting Rebecca through her paces. Their purpose is to create ‘natural’ drivers – which we can all agree Rebecca is – who perform on instinct and take to different tracks effortlessly.

This kind of training gives Rebecca the chance to get ahead of her competition by getting real practice in before she even sets foot in her Le Mans car.

Simulator training is an integral part of driver development and it’s for this reason that Rebecca is excited to be working with iZone. The controlled simulator environment gives Rebecca the chance to work on different aspects of a race. This means she can improve on her strengths, develop new areas and become a better driver all round.

You can find out more about iZone over on their website.

Some of you may have seen the piece on Project Le Mans in the Telegraph last weekend. In case you missed it, Rebecca posted a photo of the article to Facebook.

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