A Trip Inside Rolls-Royce

Some of you may already have heard of, or been to, the Inside Rolls-Royce Exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery in London.

It’s an interactive experience that celebrates the famous car brand. From the exquisite materials used in crafting the cars to the technology and supreme craftsmanship behind it all.

It’s not just an exhibition where you walk around and look at the different cars and learn about the history of the brand – although there is an element of that – it’s a multi-sensory experience that immerses you in a world of luxury.

You can even experience what it’s like to commission your very own Rolls-Royce.

Rebecca went to the exhibition recently and said: “I particularly enjoyed the Spirit of Ecstasy particle animation, where you dance and move around and the screen moves with you so you can mimic the beautiful hood ornament the Rolls-Royce is famous for.”

The idea of the exhibition is to get everyone closer to the brand, which is great news for those of us who will never own such a stunning vehicle. Not only do you get to experience the luxury of Rolls-Royce through interactive games and activities but you can learn a lot about the process of bringing one of these cars to the road. In June this year, Rebecca was an apprentice for the day at the plant in Chichester, and managed to try out some of the crafts involved in making one of the finest motor vehicles in the world. Watch the video here.

At the exhibition, you’ll find out the inspiration behind the Rolls-Royce Ghost; the new Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament for the 21st century, and the fine details that go into each car.

If you’re interested in visiting the Inside Rolls-Royce Exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery, visit www.insiderolls-royce.com for more information.

You can also find out more by downloading the Inside Rolls-Royce app. Just search for ‘inside Rolls-Royce London’ on your app store.

Have you been to the exhibition? Let us know what you thought on social media and don’t forget to use the #insiderollsroyce hashtag!



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