Continuous improvement is key for Rebecca Racer

As you may know, Rebecca has been training with iZone to give herself some real race simulator experience on the Le Mans track.

She had another session last week and managed to improve her time by eight seconds a lap. This kind of training is so important as it gives Rebecca a real feel for the car and the track.

Seeing improvements in her lap times is only making Rebecca more excited to continue her training but it’s not just times she’s been working on.

Rebecca said: “I’m getting used to the simulator with no sensation of speed reduction under breaking. There’s also the obvious sensations and senses you don’t experience, my brain is getting used to that as well as the vision training and the Le Mans circuit racing line.”

Learning new skills and improving old ones is so important when training for something like this and iZone’s driver development training is giving Rebecca the chance to really push herself, learn the track and keep pushing towards that 2016 Le Mans goal.

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