Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We hope you’re enjoying this holiday season, if you are still off work!

Rebecca has been so busy in 2014, and not only with her racing career.

This year saw plenty of exciting new partners coming on board with Project Le Mans including JMG PorscheQuantum Racing and HiSpec Motorsport. Rebecca also took steps to improve her racing skills by testing a number of different cars including a GT3-spec Nissan GT-R  and making waves in the Le Mans simulator with iZone Driver Training.

As far as racing goes, Rebecca has continued to prove herself in her Turtle Porsche. She gained her first podium of the season in May at Silverstone and got a chance to test some important upgrades to the car, while working on teamwork with the Quinntech race team.

Rebecca then picked up a second place podium at Snetterton and continued to improve her pace at the following races, despite one disappointing DNF. This year was also a chance for Rebecca to try her hand at longer stints and to complete in the Birkett 6-hour Relay Race. Team Turtle Wax drove to victory in class. Rebecca and everyone at Project Le Mans is thankful to Turtle Wax for all the support so far and are fully behind the household car care brand’s WINTERPROOF your car campaign.

2014 also saw the launch of Telegraph Cars and a whole new era of presenting for Rebecca. She’s driven a wide range of cars and has brought you all sorts of exciting moments.

To top it all off, Rebecca was named a Michelin Inspirational Woman for the third year running.

As well as driving and presenting, Rebecca recently took part in Celebrity JustDance, where she received the highest judges’ scores, an amazing achievement and a great chance for Rebecca to show off her skills in something that’s not motorsport.

Let us know your plans for the remaining festive period and New Year over on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be back in the new year to let you know what’s in store for Rebecca and Project Le Mans in 2015.

Keep smiling!


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