Rebecca will be off to Monaco in a Rolls-Royce with ExclusiveGP

Rebecca is working with ExclusiveGP, a VIP hospitality company that organises special packages for Formula One races. Last year the company hosted more than 350 VIP guests in exclusive venues at the Monaco Grand Prix

This year, Rebecca will be joining ExclusiveGP on a very special trip to Monaco for the Grand Prix. Exclusive GP are organising a five day driving trip where supercar enthusiasts have the chance to hire a supercar (or take their own) and drive down to the famous street circuit.

The five day tour incorporates fantastic scenery, 5-star hotels including two days VIP hospitality race viewing from ExclusiveGP’s Ermanno penthouse terrace with excellent food and drink served throughout.

Also included in the supercar tour package are passes to a VIP Yacht Party in Monaco Harbour on the Friday evening and tickets to the prestigious Amber Lounge after race party on the Sunday evening.

Rebecca will be driving alongside other car enthusiasts in a beautiful Rolls-Royce and will be covering the whole tour for Telegraph Cars.

During the tour, Rebecca will also be giving an evening speech at one of the 5-star hotels on the way down through Europe where she’ll talk about her racing career, love for cars and, of course, Project Le Mans.

If you want to book your place on the tour or have a look at what else ExclusiveGP has to offer, take a look at the website.

ExclusiveGP has a large presence at all of the Grand Prix races around the world but the two races where they run their own events are Abu Dhabi and Monaco.

As well as Formula One they organise other bespoke and high end hospitality packages, including the Cannes film festival, The Oscars, Top fashion shows and other sporting events such as tennis and golf.

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