The Pendragon Awards, latest media coverage and the Ferrari California

As always Rebecca has been very busy in the run up to the race season. She’s getting excited about the first race of the GT Cup at Donington at the end of April but she’s also been doing plenty of filming, presenting awards and has even appeared in Glamour magazine!

The Pendragon Awards

At the end of February Rebecca hosted the Pendragon Awards ceremony where she presented awards to some fantastically deserving people. Of the event she said: “I had a brilliant night at the Pendragon PLC Awards, what a fantastic 500 strong group of friendly, positive and driven individuals!

“It was a real pleasure to spend the evening with them all and even better with heavy doses of car talk. It was wonderful to be asked to host the event, I really enjoyed it! Well done again to all the winners and highly commended!”

Recent coverage

After Rebecca’s GT Cup announcement in The Telegraph, the media train has been running very smoothly indeed with a piece in Motorsport News talking about Project Le Mans and Rebecca’s Porsche 997 for this season.

This month (April issue) Rebecca is also in Glamour magazine. Pick up a copy to see Rebecca talking all about health and wellbeing.

You can also see Rebecca in Women in Trade magazine where she talks about her career and plans for the future.

Ferrari California T

Head on over to Telegraph Cars to watch Rebecca put the Ferrari California T through its paces. This is a handsome entry level Ferrari where the T stands for turbo. This is a car that looks good, sounds great and is ‘seriously quick’.

This new model California is sharper than its predecessors, making it a very viable candidate for your every day car. Watch the video and you’ll see how Rebecca compares it to a Bentley Continental or Aston Martin, it might not be something you’d want to throw around a track but it’s great if you enjoy comfortable but exciting drives.

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