Zircotec's heat protection for historic cars

Rebecca recently visited Ten Tenths, one of the world’s leading motorsport preparation companies to find out how it deals with some of the issues associated with preparing and running such beautiful and rare vehicles.

Modern fuels burn much hotter and these cars are pushed more on a race track today than they ever were in their heyday. This presents a number of challenges for Ten Tenths but the company gets around it with innovative heat management solutions.

In the video, Rebecca looks at a beautiful Le Mans Lola 297, which achieved two second-place finishes and a third over its career. Heat management is so important on a car like this thanks to the enclosed body work, which makes the car hot. It’s imperative that the fuel tank is kept cool.

The Zircotec spray-on exhaust coatings are so important with cars such as this where the exhaust system runs so close to the fuel tank. The dark, period finish on the exhaust – which you’ll see in the video – stops the pipes from getting too hot. This makes the car perform better and also improves safety too!

In the video, you’ll also see the Zircoflex, a ceramic-aluminium hybrid that helps protect the body work from the hottest parts of the car.

Zircotec also has benefits for closed cockpit cars, like the Ferrari 250MM Rebecca looks at in the video.

You can find out more about Zircotec over on Race Tech Mag or you can visit the Zircotec website, here.

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