Continued improvement for Rebecca and team at Brands Hatch

The second round of the GT Cup got under way on Saturday at Brands Hatch and we’re happy to report continued improvement from Team Turtle Wax.

Rebecca is new to the Brands Hatch GP circuit so this was a huge learning curve. However, she managed to get some simulator time in with Strakka Racing, which made a huge difference. Rebecca was able to learn the track, which would help her throughout the weekend.

On Saturday, all was going well until the team picked up a pit stop penalty for a pit exit infringement. This led to a drive-through penalty, which affected times but the car had to come in shortly after once again due to a problem with seat belts.

While this wasn’t ideal, the Saturday was a great chance for Rebecca to compare her times to team mate Mike Seller’s. Rebecca is less than a second off his lap time and now beginning to see the places she’s quicker.

(Photography by Chris Valentine)

The Sunday brought about some great battles and even gave Tommy Turtle the chance to have a ride in the safety car.

Overall Rebecca finished 7th out of all the cars in their class. This now puts Team Turtle Wax second in the GTB group. We might only be two rounds in but this shows that consistency and avoiding damage to the car are working well for the team.

Rebecca had a fantastic battle with a BMW M3 during one race and is thrilled to see lap times improving. There was also a chance to trace Mike’s lap over her own, which clearly showed the areas where each of them were strong. Rebecca was quicker in two of the corners but Mike also had two corners where he was quickest and this is where all the time was.

This is all valuable information going into Rebecca’s next race, which will be at Silverstone.

Unfortunately Rebecca will miss the next race at Rockingham as she is off to Monaco with Exclusive GP. (You can still join Rebecca on the Mayfair to Monte Carlo road trip, details are here.)

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