People of Note: Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca has been working with Samsung and The Huffington Post on a video for the new Samsung Note 4. Not only has she been testing out the new phone but she also visited Audi City London for a virtual test drive using the Samsung Gear VR.

The combination of the Samsung Gear VR and the Note4 gave Rebecca the chance to experience a 3D drive in an Audi TTS. Watch the video and you’ll hear Rebecca exclaim just how realistic it was from the noise it makes as it shifts up to the surroundings when you’re in the car.

The Note 4 itself is handy for someone like Rebecca as it gives her the chance to multi-task during a busy day. She’ll use the Scrapbook function when working on an article as she can do her research then select and save the bits of information or images in a folder for the car she’s reviewing.

If it’s a race weekend Rebecca will be taking a lot of photos, as those of you who follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will know, and a phone with a good camera is so important. Not only is the camera perfect for snapping pictures of cars but the built in airbrush facility means Rebecca will no doubt be using it on nights out too!

Take a look at the video for yourself over on The Huffington Post where you find out more about the Samsung Note 4 and will be able to see the high-tech Samsung Gear VR in action too!

You can find out more about what Rebecca’s been up to over on her Facebook page.

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