RAC and Audi presents Record Road Trip with Rebecca Jackson and Andrew Frankel

Rebecca is part of a very exciting new world record attempt where the aim is to drive as through as many countries as possible on a single tank of fuel.

Alongside motoring journalist Andrew Frankel, Rebecca will be taking to the wheel of an Audi A6 Ultra. As this is an attempt for the Guinness World Record, there are a number of stipulations that mean the car can’t be drastically altered to improve fuel efficiency.

The only elements that can be controlled are the amount of luggage taken on the trip, speed, and tyre pressures.

Audi’s engineers have been working hard to find the optimum speed and tyre pressure to make the journey as efficient as possible. The tyres will be kept to 35psi at the front and 38psi at the back, while the most efficient speed is around 56mph.

The RAC have helped to prepare the car with the bare essentials for a road trip across Europe. The car will carry insurance, registration, passport, licence, breathalyser, first aid kit, warning triangle, hi-vis vest and more. If you’re going to be driving through Europe, check out the RAC’s European driving advice.

The route

The journey begins in The Netherlands where the 73-litre tank will be filled with diesel and then sealed by the Guinness World Record adjudicator. From there the trip will take the team down through Europe on a route that has been planned to maximise efficiency thanks to expert guidance from the RAC Route Planner team.

The journey will take Rebecca, Andrew and the support team through Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and Italy towards the Balkans. Time has been taken to plan a route which avoids motorways, built-up areas, roadworks, mountain roads, and wrong turns!

The trip begins on the 9th June and you’ll be able to track the car’s progress as it passes through each of the countries needed to achieve the record.

Find out more about the Record Road Trip here. You can also wish Rebecca and the team luck by using the hashtag #recordroadtrip on Twitter.


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