Rebecca's Record Road Trip fuel-saving tips

As you may have seen from Twitter and Facebook, Rebecca is now taking part in the Guinness World Record attempt to drive through as many countries as possible on one tank of fuel. Rebecca is part of the team not only to take the wheel on the trip but also so she can offer some expertise when it comes to driving economically.

Rebecca is the ambassador for the UK’s only charity fuel card so this makes her well placed to advise on all issues to do with fuel. Here are Rebecca’s top tips for maximising fuel economy:

Slow braking and acceleration

You burn more fuel when you accelerate quickly so take your time when you travel. The same goes for hard braking, you need to react early and be gentle on the brakes to bring your vehicle to a gradual stop. This gentle input of the controls will help you to drive safer and save fuel.

Look ahead and pre-empt the road

Looking ahead for hazards means you can take more time when it comes to braking and accelerating. If you can pre-empt the road, you’ll be able to slow down gradually with plenty of time to react to things such as traffic lights, slow moving vehicles and junctions.

Use the correct tyre pressures

If the tyre pressures on your car are incorrect, you could be using a lot more fuel than necessary. Ahead of the Record Road Trip, Audi’s engineers spent a lot of time working out the optimum tyre pressures for the trip to maximise fuel efficiency.

Take a look at your vehicle handbook to find out the correct tyre pressures for you car.

Slow down

If you’re not in a rush, take your time when driving – perhaps even start your journey earlier to give yourself more time. Excessive speed burns more fuel and also means you’ll use even more when the time comes to slow down as you’ll be braking harder and for longer.

Rebecca’s work with the Charity Fuel Card from Professional Charity Services has also highlighted the benefits of high quality fuel when it comes to your car’s performance, running costs and fuel economy.

You can follow Rebecca and the team on their Record Road Trip here.

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