They did it! Rebecca and Andrew break a world record

On the 9th and 10th June Rebecca and motoring journalist Andrew Frankel broke the Guinness World Record for the most countries visited on one tank of fuel. In the Audi A6 Ultra they passed through 14 countries without the need to refuel.

Working closely with Audi and the RAC to maximise fuel economy, Rebecca and Andrew took a carefully planned route through Europe. The journey started in Belgium where the car was filled with fuel and then sealed by an independent adjudicator.

The RAC Route Planner team constructed a route that would get the most from a tank of fuel. This meant avoiding roadworks, towns and motorways.

Audi’s engineers also worked hard to find the optimum tyre pressure for the car to further maximise efficiency.

Driving style also came into it, Rebecca said: “Driving in a frugal way is not just about driving slowly, it’s about selecting the appropriate gear and assessing the road ahead at all times.

“I’ve always wanted to be involved a Guinness World Record and am so proud to be part of this one. We could not have done it without everyone’s input, so for that I am very grateful!”

They travelled virtually non-stop for 28 hours – longer than Le Mans 24-hour race – requiring dedication, high concentrations levels and the right nutrition.

This is a very different type of endurance driving to what Rebecca is used to. She’s embarking on a four-year plan to reach one of the most prestigious 24-hour endurance races in the world and Project Le Mans has already seen Rebecca compete in a number of race series, including this year in the GT Cup.

Rebecca is focused on eating the right foods for endurance driving and has received plenty of advice on the subject from Allan McNish. During the drive Rebecca only ate healthy foods to keep her energy levels up; snacks consisted of dried fruit and nuts while her larger meals were nutritious and well balanced.

During the drive Rebecca made a point of avoiding processed foods and energy drinks because these give you highs and low, exactly the opposite of what you need during an endurance trip or race. The idea is to keep yourself fuelled properly so your energy levels stay constant.

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