Get ready for the GT Cup at Brands Hatch this weekend

The threat of stormy weather is setting in across the UK but those forecasts keep changing and no one seems sure if we’re going to have a wet weekend at Brands Hatch for the next few rounds of the GT Cup.

Regardless of how the weather turns out, Rebecca is feeling positive as every weekend she makes progress with the car and gets closer and closer to her team mate’s times. Learning to pedal such a raw and powerful car is an exciting challenge that Rebecca rises to every time she gets out on track.

The GT Cup will take place this weekend during the Lotus Festival at Brands Hatch so if you’re looking see Rebecca in action, this is a great chance. As well as Rebecca’s races, you’ll be able to see Lotus F1 cars on track, fantastic displays, and rally demonstrations too.

2015 is a great year for the Lotus brand as it’s the 40th anniversary of the Lotus Esprit, forever associated with its starring role in James Bond movies. It’s also a milestone year for the Elise sports car, which was first unveiled 20 years ago, and the Lotus Carlton, which is 25 years old.

If you’d like to watch Rebecca take to her Turtle Porsche this weekend, you can buy tickets here.

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