Rebecca's latest videos and a bit of vintage flair at Goodwood Revival

Rebecca has been very busy with Telegraph Cars over the last few weeks and has filmed a number of reviews including the powerful Honda Civic Type R. We know you’re more interested in how this thing drives and Rebecca certainly puts it through its paces but she also looks at how practical it is as a family hatchback too. Take a look at the video here.

You may have also seen Rebecca talking about her BMW M235i, a car she’s been testing over the past few weeks. This striking convertible boasts a 3.0l engine and official stats say it will do 33.2mpg, something Rebecca has been experimenting with this week. Take a look at at what she has to say about the car here.

You can expect more updates from Rebecca on her experiences with the BMW in the coming weeks.

Rebecca attended Goodwood Revival this weekend so watch this space for the full report on the ball, the interviews and more!

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