Looking to the positives as Team Turtle Wax is unable to race this weekend at Donington

Rebecca will be unable to race this weekend due to problems with the car. This came after a very promising simulator session and the whole team was eager to hit the track. Rebecca said: “I’m absolutely gutted. On Monday I did 60 laps in the Strakka Racing simulator to prepare for this weekend so it’s a real blow.”

With racing and other commitments, Rebecca doesn’t get many weekends free so she’s determined to use this time positively by packing up some clothes and supplies to help with the refugee crisis. She said: “I switched on the news and found the images of the Hungary border very disturbing. It’s great news that Croatia has opened up to refugees. I found the Croatian people to be very friendly when I visited recently.” There are now problems on the Croatian border too, however, so while this is a good step, help is still needed.

The refugees are in need of men’s clothing especially so please consider donating if you have old clothes lying around.

Rebecca is now determined to focus on the final race of the season at Oulton Park in October. This is home territory for Turtle Wax so the whole team will be out en force to cheer on the green Porsche.

This season has been a fantastic learning curve for Rebecca and while it’s always disappointing to not be able to take part in a race, that doesn’t mean the team isn’t staying positive. Rebecca has made huge improvements in her lap times, now consistently matching those of her more experienced team mate and during the last round she was beating his times too.

Being able to pedal such a powerful car with no driver aids puts Rebecca in a fantastic position to drive anything in the future.

If you have some spare time this weekend, consider doing your part to help refugees. It’s not just about giving money but you could donate old clothes, toys and practical items that would help these people who have had to flee their own countries. There’s a whole list of places you can donate and steps you can take to help here.

If you haven’t already got your tickets to the GT Cup at Oulton Park, you can get them here.

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