How Rebecca Jackson prepares for a race weekend

There’s a certain amount of preparation that goes into every race weekend. While the team focuses on the car, Rebecca has to focus on herself. Fitness is a huge part of racing a car and throughout the year, even during the off season, Rebecca works on her fitness levels to make sure she’s always in tip top condition.

Rebecca’s usual training regime involves hot yoga at Studio 42, sessions on the cross trainer, strength training and Bodybalance classes but in the run up to a race weekend, rest is just as important as working out.

Driving the Porsche 997 expends a lot of energy — especially as it has a manual sequential gearbox, which is very physically demanding — so Rebecca makes sure she is well rested ahead of each race, which means taking a step back on any strenuous training and getting a good night’s sleep.

Food is so important in all this as Rebecca needs to make sure she’s properly fuelled for the weekend. This means eating well and eating clean. You’ll see her snacking on nuts and fruit on a race day (for instant and slow release energy) and it’s so important to get a good breakfast too!

Rebecca says: “I eat slow release carbs for breakfast with a decent amount of fresh fruit and some protein too. If the race is at the end of the day, I’ll have something similar at lunch time such as wholemeal pasta and some protein.”

Rebecca will eat seven or eight portions of fruit and veg a day and avoids processed sugar and anything too fatty.

Before each race Rebecca will spend time in the Strakka Racing simulator to get to help bring lap times down and prepare herself for the races ahead. Rebecca said: “It’s a 997 Cup Car I’m driving on the sim. It behaves like a real race car and their race engineer works with me analysing the data to see when I’m braking, pressure, turning in points and acceleration. It’s a really good way to ensure you are on top of your game and gets you in the right frame of mind for a race weekend.”

Rebecca will also get in the zone by thinking back over previous races and will have a conference call with the team to help focus everyone ahead of the weekend. Everyone will arrive at the track on the day before racing begins as this allows time to get the car to the garage and for everyone to catch up.

Racing is about so much more than getting in a car and driving quickly, there’s so much that goes into a weekend from how the team prepares, to Rebecca’s own physical and mental routine.

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