The GT Cup season comes to a close on Turtle Wax home turf

The whole team was very excited to head to Oulton Park over the weekend to take part in the final round of the GT Cup. Unfortunately the team couldn’t get as much out of testing as they wanted thanks to new parts and having to run the engine in first.

There were also some problems with the power steering. Rebecca said: “In the afternoon we had a power steering issue due to wiring but the boys quickly rectified this. You are actually trying to fight the fluid when you lose power steering, it’s not like driving a car without it fitted in the first place; it’s much more difficult to drive.”

Saturday morning practice went much better and Rebecca got out of the car on top of the world. She said: “I was four tenths quicker than Mike, which is my best performance all season and shows significant improvement. All those laps on the Strakka Simulator have made a huge difference as I had the confidence in the car to brake later.”

Mike went out for the first half of qualifying but the session was red flagged just one lap into Rebecca’s time on track. This was very disappointing considering how fantastically the practice session had gone.

Rebecca went out in race one and got a great start. On lap two, however, she had to defend against a BMW M3 by taking a shallow line into Shell. The car slowed itself against the Turtle Porsche’s rear quarter, making contact, causing Rebecca to spin. She said: “I was facing the wrong way with race cars flying toward me. This was mega frustrating and very annoying because I couldn’t just turn around as driving up the grass could rip the splitter off. I had to put it into reverse gear, which caused even more of a delay.”

The rest of the race was quite lonely for Rebecca but with a few cars off a number of incidents further up the field, Rebecca brought the car home fourth in class. The driver of the BMW did apologise however that unfortunately did not change the fact Rebecca’s race was heavily tainted.

Mike took to the track for race two and brought the car home second in class. While the day might’ve been challenging at times, the overall result was good and it was fantastic to have Turtle Wax there showing their support and cheering the car on.

The day ended with the whole team going out for a meal in Liverpool to celebrate such a successful first season in the GT Cup, three years into Project Le Mans and two seasons with Turtle Wax.

This year was all about learning to pedal a GT car without driver aids to set Rebecca up to drive anything. Her continued improvement and ability to beat her team mate’s times just goes to show how productive this season has been.

With Project Le Mans coming to its climax in 2016, Rebecca has made fantastic progress and is on track to reach her ultimate goal of racing at the prestigious 24-hour race next year.

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