Rebecca Jackson to race a KTM X-Bow GT4 in SRO

Perfectly in-line with Project Le Mans, Rebecca Jackson will compete in the SRO European GT Series in a KTM X-Bow GT4.

The X-Bow has been developed by Reiter Engineering and KTM and is the most modern and safest GT4 racing car on the market. It is similar to an LMP car with its carbon-fibre monocoque chassis resulting in the best driver protection of any car in this class to date.

In a piece for the Telegraph, Rebecca wrote: “The GT3 brakes are awesome and the design, including downforce and flat underfloor, is such that it corners superbly well. Last year it achieved podium finishes at every round of the GT4 series and several victories. Horsepower might seem low at 360bhp from the four-cylinder, 2.0-litre turbocharged Audi engine, but what counts is the speed you can carry through corners, and how late you can brake. That the KTM weighs just 999kg helps in both regards, as does the Le Mans-style paddle-shift gearbox.”

This is one of the final steps in Project Le Mans. Rebecca will be racing a very relevant car and will be using the skills she’s picked up in training, while driving last year’s Porsche 911 cup car, and throughout her driving career.

Rebecca said: “It will be an exciting season of international racing at Monza, Pau, Spa, Hungaroring and Zandvoort supporting high-profile races such as Blancpain and DTM.”

The format of the series includes two practice sessions, two qualifying sessions and two fifty-minute races, apart from Spa where it is a long distance two-hour race. Sponsors get to utilise the space on the side of the car and Rebecca’s race suit, so expect to see Turtle Wax – now in their third year together, FOY skincare and Challenger Communications. There is still a little bit of space for late joiners, as always is the way with motorsport so expect to see a lot of new logos as the season begins.

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