Watch Rebecca on the BBC this morning at 10am

You can catch Rebecca live on BBC2 and BBC News this morning shortly after 10am where she’ll be talking about autonomous cars. The casual chat will cover the safety of these driverless vehicles as well as delving deeper into the revolutionary technology.

Rebecca is keen to share her views on whether autonomous vehicles are fun and safe, especially as we move into a time when they’re becoming more and more viable.

Autonomous cars are going to be a big part of our future. Many cars already bring some autonomy into our lives such as automatic parking, lane assist and other very high tech features offered by Tesla where the car will even steer for you.

This kind of technology affects more than just the cars we drive, it’ll also affect public transport and there are already trials being conducted around the UK into the viability of driverless busses.

There’s no doubt that autonomous vehicles will affect they way we move in the future so keep an eye out for Rebecca’s thoughts on the BBC just after 10am.

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