It's MINI Monday!

Getting to know the MINI John Cooper Works

It’s MINI Monday and today we’re looking at Rebecca’s long-termer, the MINI JCW. She’s had this car since mid-August and they’re getting along brilliantly.

Rebecca drove a race-prepared JCW in the MINI CHALLENGE and said it was a fierce mini touring car. Now she’s been testing the road going version and while it’s not quite as powerful, it’s still a lot of fun.

Most recently she’s been playing with the car’s different modes and, of course, it’s sport mode that ticks all the buttons. Rebecca says: “If you prefer a more dynamic style of driving then skip “Mid” mode and go for all out “Maximum go-kart feel” (yes, that’s really what it says) in “Sport” mode. This setting is rather addictive; the throttle pedal is alive with a virtually instantaneous response and the pops, bangs and burbles from the exhaust on overrun are enough to induce giggles and grins. It’s such features that means there’s never a dull moment in the JCW.”

The model Rebecca is testing has a number of cool extras as part of the MINI Entertainment Pack, including some MINI logo puddle lights.

Keep up-to-date with Rebecca’s review of this fun hot hatch here.

For those of you thinking about your own MINI JCW, find out more here.

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