From the Back of the Grid to My First Podium

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Normally when your car is not working it can make you sad,it makes you sadder and even cross when your car isn’t working and you haveinvested a lot of time, emotions and money in to a weekend that depends on thecar working. I am going to talk you though the emotions and events of the firstrace weekend of the season. To paint the full picture it is important to knowthat the entire winter months were dedicated to turning around a car that wasdubbed as ‘unsafe to drive’ in to something that would give me a ‘fair crack atthe whip’ is the expression here. Hours were spent all winter busily readyingthe car for the season ahead, we exerted ourselves like worker ants devoted totheir queen, the car being the queen.

The weekend started with a 4 hour drive towing the queen allthe way up to near Liverpool from Reading. The track was Oulton Park, having competedin one race and one track day there, I knew I liked the track and couldn’twait! It was an early start and whilst the team got the queen off the trailer,I went to signing on, taking a new competitor with me who required someguidance. I was nervous and excited, an unusual blend of emotions. The nextrequirement was getting the queen through Scrutineering, we knew she was good,but the Scrutineers had to be convinced now as well. In this process theyinspect your race suit, gloves, helmet, harnesses, check the cars over and makesure the safety equipment conforms to regulations. She passed and we were nowready to race!