Hobbies and Interests

Rebecca has always filled her life with everything car related from going to shows such as custom car shows, track days and drag racing to classic car shows and American exhibits.

Aside from motors Rebecca is a keen Salsa dancer, teaching and performing all over the UK. She has been doing this since 2007 and finds it great escapism from the stresses and strains of running her own business. Rebecca believes in getting the most out of life and loves to share her time with people that have passion.

Likes being outdoors hill walking, outdoor adventures and pursuits, and doing Go Ape, gymnastics.

She hates missing a sunny day, and likes to get up early to make the most out of the day, treasure time, doesn't ever take it for granted.
Favourite colour is Mexico Blue (Porsche) or hot pink. Also really likes
coral and orange!
There's not much time for much else but Rebecca is pretty keen on business, women in business and loves her family - believing there's always time for family