Peugeot 208 GTi Racing Experience - Hot Competition!

French car makers and masters of hot hatches Peugeot are looking for Nurburg 24 hour drivers in the form of a competition titled ‘208 GTi Racing Experience’. Needless to say with Le Mans 24 Heures being Rebecca’s end goal for Project Le Mans, it was only natural that she would be interested in another high profile endurance race. Not only that but her love of cars started with the pocket rocket 205 GTi, her very first car at the tender age of 17 was a 205 GR and her first track day car was the more powerful and sportier 205 GTi, which she enjoyed learning and honing her skills in the art of under steer and lift off over steer! So what better logical progression to race the modern day version of the iconic machine?



Her work with Carbuyer and Autoexpress perfectly lends itself to the task because the Peugeot 208 proudly takes the crown of Autoexpress Best Supermini for 2012, “striking the right balance between sportiness and style”, impressively knocking the Fiesta off the top spot.


Today, Bedford hosted round 2 of the competition where Rebecca had one out lap followed by a single lap to impress the judges! Of course Endurance racing requires a lot more than simply being quick, with mechanical sympathy and the length of the race key factors to a team being successful, not to mention being mindful of your team mates.


Now she will have to play the waiting game, asking all her friends and family members to cross everything hopeful that she will be picked for the next round.