·      Video Diary ‘Trials and Tribulations of a Lady Racer’s Quest to Compete in Le Mans 24 Heures”

·      Press Releases

·      Social Media – Twitter, Facebook and Bloggers

·      Porsche Specific Magazines – Total 911, GT Porsche, Excellence and Porsche Post

·      Motorsport and Car Magazines – Autosport, Motor Sport Magazine, Motor Sport News and Practical Performance Car.

·      Pieces to Camera for Motors TV

·      Online - Girlracer online magazine,

·      Newspapers – Reading Chronicle, Get Reading



Current Exposure


·      Porsche Championship fully televised on Motors TV featuring the racing and interviews with Rebecca, including frequent PTC’s (Pieces to Camera)

·      Video Reviews for Carbuyer attracting 40,000 to 150,000 hits per video with regular filming in 2012 and on going bookings for 2013

·      Michelin Inspirational Woman 2012

·      Contributor for Autoexpress, Toyota and Michelin.

·      Resident Column on Girlracer – 30k hits a month

·      Twitter Account – 1345 followers, growing daily

·      You Tube Channel – 248,000 hits

·      Newspaper – The News

·      Practical Performance Car January 2013




Brand Exposure


·      Featured on a front running lady racer’s car, be part of the journey from Porsche Boxster Racing to Porsche 911 GT3 racing at Le Mans

·      Your brand in print, social media and TV every time Rebecca, her race car and her Project Le Mans is featured.