Rebecca Jackson to compete in the 24h Dubai endurance race in January

Rebecca will compete alongside former British Touring Car driver Chris James at the 24h Dubai race in January. This is perfectly in line with Project Le Mans, which comes to an end in 2016.

They'll be driving for Sorg Rennsport and will share a BMW M235i at the race which begins on Friday 15th January 2016. Testing will take place on Wednesday and Thursday with qualifying on Thursday afternoon.

Rebecca says: “I'm really looking forward to taking part in such a respected 24-hour race in the motorsport calendar. It's the perfect warm up to Le Mans.”

Chris, who raced in the British Touring Car Championship with Team ES Racing in 2011 and 2012 as driver and team principal sees 24h Dubai as the beginning of a very exciting year. He said: “I can't wait to reinvigorate Team ES Racing and going to Dubai is a great way to kick off my race season.”

Take a look at Rebecca's racing highlights below.

Chris James is a former British Touring Car Championship driver and team principal at Team ES Racing, a team which has two wins and a number of podiums under its belt.

The Hankook 24 Dubai race takes place 14-16 January at the Dubai Autodrome. Spectators will see touring cars, GT cars and 24h specials race during the 24-hour endurance race.

This is the first of two announcements from the drivers with regards to their plans for 2016. The second announcement will follow in the coming weeks.