On Tuesday 5th March 2013, The Rolls Royce Plant based in the grounds of Lord March’s Goodwood Estate opened its doors to a small group of press and journalists to share with attendees of the Geneva Motor Show, the grand unveiling of the new sporting two door GT model Wraith. The beautifully handmade car was presented to us with an invitation to scrutinise its contours and test the luxurious seats for a level of comfort you really only get with a Rolls Royce.

The cabin is light and spacious and conjures images of opulent yachts finished with open pore veneer and plush leathers only from the finest herds in the world. They go as far as choosing animals, primarily bread for their meat, that live at high altitudes to ensure minimum damage to the skin through lack of fencing and flies.

This attention to detail extends itself to every inch of the Wraith, owners will enjoy starlight glamour from fibre optic lights individually hand-woven in to the leather roof lining, as well as on board voice activated navigation.

The powertrain is the most powerful and dynamic in Rolls Royce history with 624bhp in the form of a V12 pushing the Wraith to 62mph in just 4.6 seconds.  This is seamlessly delivered through an 8 speed automatic transmission that selects the correct gear for corners, motorway junctions and roundabouts in advance thanks to GPS, without compromising the ‘magic carpet’ ride Rolls Royce is so famous for.

Dr Helmut Riedl, Director of Engineering, Rolls Royce Motor Cars states “Wraith is powerful, but never brutal. It’s a cultivated power which perfectly complements the dynamism of its exterior styling. This is a true Rolls Royce”.

It sits with a strong sense of purpose, even the Spirit of Ecstasy is slightly different to the Ghost and the Phantom; she is crouched like a sprinter in anticipation of the whistle. Wraith lives up to its name: “It is a spirit, that cannot be tethered to the earth, it is fleeting and urgent; as Wraith passes by the World will stand still.” (Rolls Royce).

Thank you for a wonderful day including plant tour and test drive of the Ghost on stunning Sussex country roads running alongside Goodwood Motoring Racing Circuit and beautiful views of the Sussex Downs.






* Top left photograph by Chris Valentine