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Winterproof your car with Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax’s latest campaign reminds us all just how important it is to protect your car over winter. It’s not just slippery roads that can be a hazard at this time of year but the salt on the roads can ruin your car’s paintwork and there’s an increased chance of breakdown too.

You wrap yourself up in jumpers and warm boots when venturing out into the cold and the principle is the same for your car. This weather, not to mention the corrosive salt and dirt on the road, can damage your car inside and out. The damage might be small to begin with but these problems can grow.

Turtle Wax has put together a huge range of tips that will ensure your car is as protected as you are when you head out into wintry conditions.

Check out all the tips here

The famous car care brand has covered everything from how to protect a leather interior to how to prevent corrosion of alloy wheels. You should also wash your car every week if the weather is wet with salt on the roads.

All this advice is so important if you want to keep your car in tip-top condition this winter. If you have any questions or want to know the best way to protect your car, Turtle Wax is open to your questions too, just get in touch via the website.

In other news, Rebecca is still testing the BMW 435i Gran Coupe. You can see some updates from her long term test here.

Keep safe on the roads this winter and look after your car!


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