We are delighted to announce that automotive parts specialist DENSO is joining the Rebecca Racer team for 2017 as lead sponsor.

Rebecca has a long-standing relationship with DENSO after she joined the brand on the Track 2 Track campaign to promote the Iridium TT spark plug. This road trip challenge involved Rebecca driving a speedy Lotus Exige across Europe, discovering some fascinating racing heritage along the way.

DENSO will be working with Rebecca on a number of projects across the year, the first being at the Automechanika show in Birmingham on 7 June where Rebecca will be racing guests on a simulator.

Rebecca says: “I loved working with DENSO on the Track 2 Track campaign so I’m very pleased to welcome the company on board for the 2017 racing season.”

As well as promoting DENSO on track, Rebecca will also be using the company’s products. She’ll have DENSO wiper blades on her MINI race car as well as using other aftermarket parts on her own cars and within her car business.

The hybrid wiperblade has been tested for performance at speed and combines aerodynamics with effective, thorough screen clearance. DENSO is excited to demonstrate superior performance under extreme race conditions on the JCW MINI, showing how great they are for normal everyday use as well as on track.

For Rebecca’s Toyota MR2 Turbo, she’ll be fitting the DENSO iridium spark plug, glow plug and ignition coil.

Fatiha Laauich at DENSO Sales UK commented: “Rebecca’s career to date has been hugely impressive and has won respect from her competitors as well as a growing fanbase among enthusiasts. Her passion for the sport and for communicating to the motoring audience offers a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate our aftermarket expertise.”

DENSO is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for major automakers. As an automotive business, it is committed to making the world a better place through world-first products and technologies.

As an OE supplier, DENSO is proud to claim that 9 out of 10 cars on the road are fitted with its original equipment. The aftermarket division brings OE-quality DENSO automotive parts programmes to distributors, wholesalers and garages across the UK & Ireland.

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