As well as the racing, this weekend also marked the start of filming for the first part of Rebecca’s new CBBC show. She had to dart off straight after a fantastic testing session for some time in front of the camera but was raring to go on Saturday morning.

While the weather was mostly hot and sunny for Saturday and Sunday, the qualifying session was like a tropical downpour. Just as Rebecca was about to go out, she called: “Yes, wets!” The team moved quickly to get these on the car just before the MINI was released out of the assembly area where the cars are held before each session.

Rebecca always performs well in the wet and she was in P9 before the session was red flagged. The weather has time to calm before the cars were allowed to go out again and Rebecca ended up qualifying P19 out of the 30 cars.

At the start of race 1, Rebecca got a brilliant start and was running in 14th ahead of Vicki Butler Henderson and many other well-respected, quick racers. Unfortunately, car 29 pushed Rebecca off the track at Murrays resulting in several cars getting past. She rejoined the track but was not able to make up those positions, finishing the race in 20th.

Another great start in race 2 saw Rebecca overtake a few cars although they were able to take back those places. There was a crash on the start line that caused the race to be restarted, while Rebecca was hit from behind, the car sustained no damage and she was able to continue. She finished the race in P20, this time ahead of Vicki Butler Henderson.

Race 3 wasn’t quite so successful as Rebecca had a failed start, allowing everyone behind to zoom past. As she tried to catch up the pack, the car in front spun and as he was going backwards down the track, Rebecca had to take avoiding action, doing well to miss him.

Overall it was a successful weekend, Rebecca says: “It was a brilliant weekend at Snetterton, I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and the battles on track. I cannot thank Barry Lee enough for his support and the day we spent together at the Burton Track day.”

Barry Lee is a name synonymous with hot rod racing but he has a racing career that spans 50 years. His career and championship titles covered many forms of motorsport including: Autocross, Rallycross, Hot-Rod’s, Truck Racing, Saloon Car (now known as Touring Car), Eurocar, Caterhams, Metros and the Paris Dakar. His advice and coaching at the Snetterton track day were invaluable.

This outing at Snetterton was Rebecca’s first in the MINI with its new DENSO livery, which looked very striking on track. The weekend was also a chance to show off some new teamwear. Rebecca was wearing a Rebecca Racer shirt on the race days and a branded t-shirt for testing.

Always one to arrive on-brand and in style, Rebecca drove her MINI Seven to the circuit. You can read what she thought about it over on the Telegraph website.