We’re pleased to announce a new sponsor for the 2018 season. Pertemps Driver Training will be supporting Rebecca for the coming race season.

This isn’t an entirely new partnership as Rebecca worked with Pertemps during the Her-GV campaign, alongside the Road Haulage Association and M6 Toll.

To promote Pertemps, Rebecca will be recording a number of videos for the training company, including one that features her race truck. Watch this space for details.

You’ll also see Pertemps branding at Rebecca’s races and she’ll be attending a number of the company’s events too.

Samantha Earl, general manager at Pertemps says: “Pertemps Driver Division and Pertemps Driver Training are delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring Rebecca Jackson for the 2018 race season, our collaboration will form a great platform for us both to lead the way and promote values such as driving careers, women in logistics, and road safety while cheering Rebecca along through her race season ambitions for this year.”

Rebecca is equally excited by the partnership, she says: “It’s wonderful to have Pertemps Driver Training on board as I’m keen to promote all kinds of driving careers and progression through the industry. We’ve got a lot planned for this year and I can’t wait to get started.”

To find out more about Pertemps Driver Training, visit pertempsdrivertraining.co.uk.