Introducing Redex Diesel Advanced Fuel System Clean Up 5 in 1 and Diesel System Cleaner! Redex has invited me to trial its fuel additives and diesel clean up product for my trusty old Land Rover Defender. It was hard to pick a car to use the product on, however I figured the ultimate test would be on improving the sluggishness of a 300 Tdi engine and so it was worth a go!

I doubt very much that my Defender has ever had its injectors cleaned, maybe replaced but almost certainly not cleaned. Nor would it have had its performance, acceleration and emissions considered. Apart from when it was made, back in 1993.

Over the next few weeks, I will share with you what the product has done to the fuel economy, if indeed my Tdi feels a little more racey and less agricultural along with how easy it is to use and whether I will recommend it.

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